Project Description

Burswood Tower 4

Client: Mirvac Constructions Pty Ltd
Consultant: Wood & Grieve Engineering
Value: $6.8 Million

The Burswood Tower 4 complex comprises of both luxury apartments from levels 1 to 19 and upper floor penthouse suites, encompassing the rooftop levels 20 and 21, as secure basement level car parking facility has been provided with all the usual quality apartment amenities such as entry, lobby, swimming pool and gymnasium.

The air conditioning systems major plant is located between levels 20 & 21 including two off forced draft cooling towers and one off forced interconnected via copper pipework to the primary side of their respective heat exchangers.

From the secondary side of the heat exchangers the cooled / heated water is piped to a combined common high level collection header then reticulated via two off condenser water pumps down the building, providing the condenser water to each of the complex’s / apartments water cooled package reverse cycle air conditioning units (PAC units).

Each PAC unit includes its own rotary refrigeration compressor and evaporator coil interconnected to a tube in tube condenser water heat exchanger providing the required heat rejection unit.