Senior Management

MPM senior management has a wealth of experience within the industry both in Australia and overseas.

Tom Purdon

Tom has been involved in the HVAC industry for 40 years and initially trained as a mechanical and electrical building services engineer. Tom worked as a project manager and facility management manager in the UK. After migration to Australia Tom was employed by some of the largest controls contractors in the world, where he held senior positions in sales, engineering and service. Since joining the MPM Group in 2000 Tom has assumed managerial positions and in 2007 became managing director of the MPM Group. Currently Tom heads MPM Group and is actively involved in a consultative manner during the bid process. During the construction process his involvement is in both the consultation and management of projects, preferring a hands on approach at all times. Tom’s experience and knowledge, in the service and controls industry is regularly used to develop and fine tune our nation wide service business.

Ian C Ferguson

Ian has 50 years of experience across all aspects of the HVAC industry, with particular strength in contract management. He has operated as senior contracts manager, project manager and estimator both in Australia and the United Kingdom. In 1985 he became a founder of the MPM Group. Ian currently mentors and trains our construction teams and his involvement with new contracts begins at time of tender and progresses through to project completion stage. Ian’s extensive contract knowledge ensures that projects are completed on time, on budget and meet or exceed customer expectations.

Ian B Ferguson

Ian has 25 years experience, having commenced his tenure with the MPM group and the mechanical services industry in 1997. Working in all facets of the industry including duct installation, maintenance and commissioning, Ian commenced a project management traineeship with the company in 1999. Following the completion of technical and management training, Ian successfully managed small to medium scale mechanical services projects for two years. In 2001 Ian was appointed the manager of the newly established small works and fit out departments and presided over its growth and success for six years. In 2008, Ian was appointed as a Director of the company. Ian currently heads up MPM as its General Manager his pragmatic and results orientated focus ensures that both the MPM Group and our clients achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. Ian also served a term of four years during 2009 – 2012 as President of AMCA WA and has again taken up this roles as the current President.